Nackademin är ett utbildningsföretag som bedriver yrkeshögskoleutbildningar och utbildningar anpassade för företag.

Expand your knowledge or broaden your skills with independent courses at Nackademin. We develop and conduct courses that are aimed at specific skills or niche professional roles.

We currently train almost 2,000 students in various fields and have extensive experience of education based on the needs of the business community.

If you have specific competence development needs, we can, based on your needs and conditions, develop training initiatives for your company or organization.


At Nackademin, you help you get ready for a job. We are a vocational school that offers accurate and relevant educations that combine theory and practice.

The educations are planned and carried out in close collaboration with the business community, and at least a quarter of the education consists of internships at the workplace (Learning at work).

All our vocational educations are free of charge and entitle to CSN-loan.